Which apps & solutions do you host yourself?

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I am curious:
Which services/apps/solutions do you host yourself, instead of using external service providers?

I guess most of us know this list:
Which of the solutions on the list can you recommend or do you have something to add that the list is not carrying?

Looking forward to your inspirational posts and self-hosted solutions!

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  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith AdministratorHosting Provider

    I did not know about that list, thanks, will enjoy going through it and reporting back.

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  • Have used nzbhydra2 , sonarr, and sabnzbd/nzbget, work well for that thing we don't talk about.

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  • SolaireSolaire Design TeamOG
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    Brace yourself.

    This is what currently runs on my homeserver:

    • SABnzbd (For downloading legacy Linux ISO’s that are no longer seeded)
    • QEMU (Windows 10 box for when I’m abroad and don’t want to put stuff on my corporate laptop)
    • Plex (Currently serving about 8 TB of content, about to upgrade with an additional 8 - 10 TB)
    • FlexTV (for controlling Plex through my Google Home Mini)
    • Tautulli (Plex stats. Deprecated as I recently got Plex pass)
    • Bitwarden (Passwords… passwords everywhere)
    • Sonarr (To snatch Linux ISO’s I guess)
    • Radarr (To snatch other Linux ISO’s?)
    • Lidarr (To snatch other-other Linux ISO’s?)
    • Gitea (For freelance stuff)
    • Airsonic (Music streaming)
    • Jira (For freelance stuff)
    • OpenVPN server (because my ISP limits certain ITV streams to my local connection…)
    • Bazarr (Multi-language support for Linux distro’s)
    • Pihole (Crappy ads…)
    • Transmission (Linux ISO’s)
    • Samba (for easy transferring files at home)
    • Postfix (just a local relay to MXRoute. Used for backup mails and Gitea / Jira notifications only)
    • Firefly III (financing)
    • Heimdall (for when I’m lazy)
    • code-server For coding without having to setup a local dev environment (e.g. useful for when I’m only bringing my Chromebook)
    • Bookstack For taking notes / storing snippets / etc
    • Wallabag For saving web pages
    • Jenkins (CI / CD all the things!)
    • Mayan EDMS Document management for business / personal use. Full OCR etc.

    I am currently using Pihole to route the services directly to my home IP while on VPN / at home. Else most of the incoming traffic is routed through a small VPS in Luxembourg (HAProxy). Some traffic is strictly going through Romania ;)

    I have a few more things running on a few small VPS’s (some of which are to be moved to my homeserver, just CBA):

    • Nextcloud (running at a (shared) Gbps line because I used to have too much data to properly sync from home. Home connection was recently upgraded so I should be okay now). Calendar / Tasks / Contacts / Notes / Talk plugins enabled.
    • Tiny Tiny RSS For staying up to date
    • Dokuwiki
    • Invoice Ninja (for freelance stuff)
    • Alltube (for occasionally downloading music from YouTube)
    • Ansible (for CD and other common tasks)
    • Spotweb (for indexing Linux ISO’s)
    • NZBHydra (for indexing Linux ISO’s)
    • Jackett (for indexing Linux ISO’s)
    • Piwigo For managing my photos
    • LibreNMS For monitoring purposes

    And then there’s smokeping and PHP Server Monitor to deal with network monitoring and a few VPN servers to keep my traffic safe while abroad / on public WiFi. And a good handful of scrapers and other scripts I wrote myself that I don't even recall but do their job just fine.

  • ITLabsITLabs OG
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    Currently using or already used:

    Nuxeo, exchanged for Nextcloud with OnlyOffice
    Camunda w/ BPMN.io

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  • The awesome-selfhosted list is pretty awesome.

    For my real-life work, I have deployed a self-hosted academic conference application for my university department: Pretalx. Anyone who is thinking of hosting a conference can consider this. Very comprehensive set of features. I recommend it.

    Anyone who is on a budget (using their hosting service is pretty expensive unless you have a serious budget) can consider self-installing this on a whitelisted provider box and it will run like a champ. It has been used by big conferences and scales well. Active development for the foreseeable future as they have developed a good business model to ensure steady income stream.

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  • To be frank, I found most of the apps on the list unfamiliar, and that made me think that, Wow, here it is a huge new world!

    Ok, then, among the blogging platform there is Hexo, which has been my current blog system, but it looks they missed Hugo?

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  • Amazing list @solaire.
    I only realized that you had included extensive hyperlinks when I tried to select some project names (to copy and search in a New tab).
    I bet someone has already reported this stylesheet issue, for links in the Dark theme.

    THANK YOU for all the great work so far on the dark theme.

    My list is pretty short. I try to store lots of data on a synced flat-file folder hierarchy.

    • Seafile Pro - replaced Dropbox completely in 2019.
    • zim-wiki - desktop clients operating on plain text Zim notebooks synced over Seafile. There's a Task List plugin for GTD/todos/fixmes
    • OpenVPN+Pihole - no more in-app ads on Android. Breath of fresh air!
    • Gitlab - private repos. Still haven't started using all the CI goodies
    • Couple of rtinst setups - rutorrent+rtorrent+nginx+https+basic-auth is all I really need.
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  • Firefly

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  • I guess nothing besides the usual, but always happy to play around with new projects:

    • Owncloud / Nextcloud
    • Piwik, now Matomo
    • TinyTinyRSS
    • Kimai
    • InvoicePlane
    • GitLab
    • ...
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  • Any good self hosted small business accounting solution? (Besides invoicing, which is what I judged from the names of those packages)

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  • Here's my current list:

    FireFly III - Awesome budgeting web app.
    WordPress - Nuff said.
    Grav - Decent little flat-file CMS. Use it mostly for docs purposes.
    code-server - Use it as a quick and easy way to create various test pages.
    FileRun - NextCloud alternative with a Google-like appearance. Works really well.
    Strapi - Use it for creating totally unnecessary API's for various purposes. Mostly for trolling friends and pushing out stupid data.

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  • @terrorgen said:
    Any good self hosted small business accounting solution? (Besides invoicing, which is what I judged from the names of those packages)

    Take a look at Akaunting:


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  • Off the top of my head,

    • Sabnzbd
    • Gitea
    • TTRSS
    • Wallabag (like Readitlater / Pocket)
    • Nodered, Influxdb, Chronograf, something else
    • Various scripts, hacks and bodges
    • More that I'll come back to if I remember them.

    Unfortunately, a lot of that is on an OVZ6 VPS that expires at the end of the month, so I need to BF myself something decent with a bit of storage.

    Finally stopped running Sendmail, Mailscanner, Spamassassin, etc a couple of years back.

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  • SolaireSolaire Design TeamOG
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    @ITLabs said:

    @terrorgen said:
    Any good self hosted small business accounting solution? (Besides invoicing, which is what I judged from the names of those packages)

    Take a look at Akaunting:


    Akaunting is pretty nice. But if you outgrow Excel it's probably best to just pay for an online service. Tax rules are different for every country and an accounting tool is well worth the money if it applies the local rules properly.

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  • Personal boxes only?
    Nextcloud with Collabora
    Keeweb instance
    Wireguard (as an OpenVPN replacement too)
    Postfix + Dovecot + Amavisd-new + Opendkim + ZPush + Kopano + NGINX + PHP-FPM + memcached + parsedmarc
    dnsdist + named-chroot/powerdns (recursive only; authoritative only)
    something more I'm missing

    I considered to test some federated sharing ecosystem but I'm not a huge music/movie consumer

    Taxes and accounting for exceptional free-lance invoices are dealt with using a third-party cloud service, it's almost compulsory where I live

    firefly-iii is neat, I have to re-consider to add it (I keep forgetting about this)

    the problem with these threads is that you're incited to install more idling apps on even more idling servers :p

    • Jupyter
    • Nextcloud and Seafile (there are different features in the mobile apps so I have both)
    • Paperless
    • znc
  • Gitlab, for the Dev stuff
    Proxmox for Virtualization
    Nextcloud for some files
    Ansible for automation
    Night-Sky for external monitoring
    Cryptic-Sky for internal monitoring

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  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Hosting ProviderOG

    Still have a server at home (though most of my gear I've moved to my companies DC's) which runs:
    Gitlab (for personal projects)
    Hashicorp Vault server (for storing personal passwords/secrets)

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  • havochavoc OG
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    Home "server" (aka my old laptop) has a docker setup file server

    • pi-hole
    • Various usenet flavoured stuff
    • Backup destination for low value big volume data (high value gets pushed to cloud)
    • Deluge - legal nix torrents...fat home pipe so when I download a distro it stays there to seed
    • BOINC - has been running 2 years straight helping research (cancer etc)

    Tinkerboard with home assistant. Raspberry pi 4 acting as fibre router. Raspberry pi 3 for 2.4ghz wifi AP.

    2nd Raspberry 4 acts as dev board - gets nuked regularly to test whatever catches my attention

    If you have idle capacity (like my file server) and can afford the marginal increase in elec bills please consider supporting BOINC.

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  • freerangecloud said: Gitlab (for personal projects)

    What are you hosting this on? Tried recently & it seemed very fussy on requirements

  • Nextcloud
    Telegram bot

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  • DecicusDecicus OG
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    Practically everything I host is running through Docker containers, so I don't bloat the host system as much with a bunch of weird dependencies.
    A lot of these have already been mentioned, but whatever.

    On most of my servers
    - nginx - I use it a lot for reverse proxying all the other services, but of course it's a great web server in itself for hosting... you know, websites.
    - MariaDB for my (My)SQL database needs.

    Media server
    - Plex for streaming
    - Sonarr & Radarr for sorting the media
    - Jackett for handling my Linux ISO sources
    - Deluge for downloading and seeding Linux ISO torrents
    - Tautulli for Plex statistics

    - bitwarden_rs - Password manager, this is an alternative to the official, self-hosted Bitwarden.
    - Mailcow for hosting my own email (and since I'm too lazy to configure Postfix, Dovecot etc. myself)
    - Pritunl - Basically just OpenVPN with a pretty interface. I mainly set it up just to see how it was and then I just kept using it.
    - WireGuard - Alternative VPN that I haven't really used all that much yet
    - Gitea - Mostly used for mirroring my GitHub repositories, but I like using it for projects that I don't mind having public, just not showing on my GitHub lol
    - Nextcloud - Cloud storage
    - Matomo for analytics on a handful of my websites
    - Bookstack for documentation. I need to keep track of all these applications somehow

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    • Proxmox
    • Bitwarden
    • Deluge
    • Bookstack
    • Seafile
    • Portainer
    • Rainloop
    • Heimdall
    • FFSync

    And that's it for now.

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  • I'll just mention the ones that haven't already been posted.

    • Monica - A personal CRM. For years, I would have a note saved on my phone with the name of people I met, who introduced them to me, their kids' names, etc. Now I can keep track of people I know so much easier. it's like a family tree, but for friends.
    • Webtrees - A family tree, for your family.
    • Standard File Server, Go implementation - Lets me keep encrypted, synced notes across all my devices using StandardNotes clients.
    • Inbucket - Disposable email, à la Mailinator.
    • Gotify - Pushbullet encrypted replacement.
    • YOURLS - URL shortener. I pair it with a free domain from the awesome people at Afraid

    All of these and more get paired with traefik for some automated Let's Encrypt goodness.

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