Get rid of default windows 10 crap

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Hey folks,

i improved a script that removed crap from windows 10 (windows 10 only) operating systems.

here some steps:
1. copy this (feel free to inspect it before you go)
2. paste it in a .bat file
3. run and see the magic happen

what it does:
- Remove Telemetry & Data Collection
- Disable Some Service
- Settings -> Privacy -> General -> Let apps use my advertising ID...
- WiFi Sense: HotSpot Sharing: Disable
- Change Windows Updates to "Notify to schedule restart"
- Remove Apps (be sure to remove the ones you need)
- Uninstall OneDrive (remove if you want)

feel free to improve if you like.
and beware check what default app you wanna keep.

feel free to remove this thread if this violates the rules. i have no intention to harm pc's.

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